We’ve Seen Psychedelics Go Sideways Way Too Often

The Psychedelic Safety Alliance was founded by people who came of age working, performing, and providing first responder services in the nightlife and festival industry.

We’ve seen countless people overdose, hurt themselves, have terrifying and/or traumatic trips, experience ongoing mental health issues, have psychotic episodes, and get into major medical emergencies related to the use of psychedelics. We even know multiple people who have died as a result of situations involving psychedelics.

Despite the fact that we’ve now been losing people in mind and body at semi-regular intervals for the past 15 years, it’s still heartbreaking, every time.

We Got Nerdy To Keep Our Friends Alive and Safe

We were ( college students when our friends started getting hurt, dying, and losing touch with consensus reality as a result of their use of psychedelics and other substances.

Fueled by grief and confusion, we began taking psychopharmacology classes and learning about harm reduction in an attempt to figure out how to keep our remaining friends alive and safe.

As we began analyzing psychedelic situations where things had gone sideways, we came to the painful realization that many of the issues our friends had experienced were the result of “user error,” preventable accidents and mistakes which could have been avoided. The problem was usually that people didn’t know they were taking a risk in the first place, and thus had no awareness of the steps that should be taken to prevent things from going sideways.

It was then that we dedicated a significant part of our lives to learning about the negative outcomes that can result from taking psychedelics. None of us had received any real drug education in school, so we set out to figure out from scratch what it would look like to create drug education that teaches people how to preserve their life, health, and sanity when engaging in risky behavior.

We Rallied A Tribe of Experts To Help Us Create A Kickass Psychedelic Safety Curriculum

As we learned the hard way about all the negative outcomes related to psychedelics, it became clear that a comprehensive, clinically-informed understanding of psychedelic safety would require input from scientists, emergency medical professionals, first responders, social workers, and experts in both conventional and psychedelic harm reduction.

Over the course of many years, we sought out the necessary experts, asked them the right questions, translated their wisdom into accessible language and tactical safety protocols, and brought it all together into a single curriculum.

We then began sharing the wisdom we’d gathered by teaching psychedelic safety classes at festivals and community events. Every time we went out to teach, we saw how little people knew and how much they needed the information we’d gathered, so we kept going.

Increased Issues With Psychedelics During COVID Took Us Online

During the first year of COVID-19, we saw a major uptick in the use of psychedelics in our local and extended community as people struggled with isolation, boredom, mental health issues, and unhealthy patterns of substance use during lockdown. Some of this increase in psychedelic use seemed to be helping people keep their heads on straight, more people were experiencing negative outcomes too.

Then, halfway through that first COVID year, one of our friends died in a situation where psychedelics were implicated.

Our friend’s death shook our community to the core, and after several conversations with people who knew about our in-person workshops, we were persuaded to take our work online in order to extend our reach and provide psychedelic safety education to people at home.

Now we’re here to serve you and your community with the same care and attention to detail we bring to our own. We’re all responsible for each other, so empowering people to take their safety into their own hands is why we’re here.

We’re Here To Help You Protect Yourself and Your People

By systematically identifying and teaching people the safety risks and inherent in taking psychedelics, we are able to identify and implement protective practices which eliminate or mitigate these risks. Our objective is not to scare people, but the honest truth is that scary stuff does happen, and we really don’t want you to have to go through that if it can be avoided.

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