Dax Jackson & Ally Lee

Our Team

The Psychedelic Safety Alliance was founded by people who are dedicated to preventing suffering and loss related to the use of psychedelics. As young people, our grief and confusion around this topic galvanized us into action and led us to invest large amounts of time, energy, and resources into learning how to keep ourselves and our friends safe.

Ally Lee

PSA co-founder Ally Lee is a clinical social worker of 12 years who works closely with both the street and festival drug user communities. Formerly the head of a chapter of Students For Sensible Drug Policy, Ally also works as a first responder and harm reduction educator at Burning Man and other large events. Her subfields of interest include mental health crisis intervention, overdose reversal, and translating academic literature into tactical safety protocols.

Dax Jackson

PSA co-founder Dax Jackson is an investigative reporter and community health activist who began studying psychopharmacology and psychedelic harm reduction 15 years ago after having several friends die and experience psychotic episodes as a result of using psychedelics and other drugs. In addition to teaching harm reduction classes at festivals and community events, Dax has spent years interviewing and collaborating with an interdisciplinary network of psychedelic safety experts to help create our educational offerings. His subfields of interest include testing and measurement protocols, harm reduction curriculum development, and tracking trends in underground markets.


We have now invested nearly 25 years of combined inquiry into understanding the finer points of psychedelic safety. We’ve spent thousands of hours doing research, aggregating resources, analyzing crisis scenarios, interviewing people, and building an interdisciplinary tribe of experts and specialists to provide us with the most legit, up-to-date psychedelic safety wisdom available. Our goal is simple: to help people who use psychedelics avoid risks which can negatively impact their health, safety, and continued existence.

5 years ago, after being friends for several years, we saw a massive unmet need in our communities and decided to join forces to create the world’s first comprehensive, clinically-informed psychedelic safety curriculum. We’ve now taught together at live workshops at festivals, colleges, and numerous community events, and are now pleased to offer our training courses online as a means of reaching a wider audience.